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A twenty year veteran in hairstyling, Chaanah Israel is licensed in the field of cosmetology. "I have a passion for healthy hair". We all know that our hair can really take a beating... elements like weather, stress, hard water, and excessive manipulation can cause strain on our hair and cause it to shed prematurely or worse, break off.  I help you nourish your hair to life by providing services to promote healthy hair growth and education needed to maintain your hair at home between appointments. 
Naturally Beautiful, LLC - Natural Hair Salon, is a small business providing natural hair care in a private, one-chair salon suite.

To get started with your Naturally Beautiful hair care, click the "BOOK ONLINE" button!  Services available include Loc (dreadlock) cultivation and maintenance, Sew-In Hair Extensions, Natural Hair Styling and maintenance, Hair Color, Hair Treatments, Facial Waxing, Basic Styling.
Don't see the service you desire listed? Contact me... There are many style options. Let's work together to achieve your hair goals, the healthy way. 

Please note: I observe the Lord's Sabbaths and High Days. For that reason, I'll be unavailable to conduct any business each and every Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown. There are High Sabbaths throughout the year where In am also unavailable.
The Lord's Sabbath Day is to be kept holy, according to The Law (Ten Commandments).

Exo 20:8 KJV - 8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

I regret to inform you that Naturally Beautiful, LLC - Natural Hair Salon cannot accept your appointment request at this time. The business is currently being revamped and will not continue operation until further notice. Please accept my warmest apologies for the disruption but be sure to check back here for updates. I will provide information as quickly as possible via this website. 

Inside Phenix Salon Suites - Mesa

1855 S Country Club Drive
Suite 111-106
Mesa, Az 85210

  1. Judah Y.
    "Very efficient and on point, naturally completing the job with skill and ease."
  2. Janet W.
    "She was really nice and really did talk to me about my natural hair.I learned alot."
  3. Deborah T.
    "She has an abundance of knowledge regarding natural hair!"
  4. Selethia B.
    "She was fast, friendly and most importantly knowledgeable about how to help my daughters hair get back to a healthy state. We will definitely be returning soon!"
  5. Autunm K.
    "Chaanah is always great and gives me a haircut that compliments my natural curls. If your looking for a great cut and personable hair dresser in the East Valley go here! "
  6. Brian B.
    "Chaanah worked so hard on my hair I can't thank her enough. She labored 10 hrs giving me locks, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Awesome lady! Awesome job! Awesome Awesome Awesome!"
  7. Tareva A.
    "Chaanah is AMAZING!! I strongly recommend her she is amazing at what she does and definitely loves what she does!!"
  8. Kara H.
    "She was very upbeat, positive and personable. She explained every detail of the cut. She did an amazing job on my daughters hair. With her affordable prices and professionalism, we'll return again and again!
  9. Sonya S.
    "Chaanah, has a nice cozy environment. Your appointment time belongs to you, no interruptions. She uses great products and a wonderful and fabulous massaging wash. She is super professional,
  10. Sierra H.
    "Wonderful experience! Great stylist, listened very closely to what I wanted and also examined the health of my hair. The environment was very comfortable and private which made conversation flow easy. I Will be returning in the future."
  11. Rusty S.
    So basically if you have a problem with my review , then you are just going have to put on grown pants and suck it up. I get so sick of trying to be political correct . If you can't handle the the truth, I suggest you get your spongebob "butt" out the kitchen . Now that the disclaimer is settled , we can finally get down to business. I can't wait to to tell you about this place , I'm literally steaming boiling hot !!! It's basically no words to explain the totality of my experience , but I am going to do my very best . In one word this place is downright ridiculous. The ambience is stunningly powerful and the overall scene is no less than amazing . I don't know who this woman thinks "she is " , but she had the audacity to show up before me . I'm like WTH. I am one of the most punctual person in the universe. She had the nerve to arrive before me and show up on time . Seriously , this can't be real. The place was immaculate from head to toe. I was like " whatever " She was extremely nice and social. Apparently her parents didn't teach her manners . She was also extremely knowledgeable about natural hair , dreadlocks notwithstanding. I am an intellectual guy and I usually outshine the the entire board room. But her wisdom surpasses my very own. So that really made me mad. She was providing all types of professional wordplay, and the hair advice for my locs and my hair was off the chain. ( no pun intended) Time was going by so quickly, I'm was like " man this is mess up" It was completely seamless . But what finally did it for me , after all of the atrocities, is the results. My hair looked the best it had been in years. I have been dealing with natural hair for over 10 years , but this is the GOAT. Very quick response time Appointments are easy to make Very good hair products Very good techniques Very professional. Excellent hair advice Honest and candid I would have to be a complete psychopath To return to that place again . It's probably why I am so crazy , I just keep making appointments and coming back . You have been warned , and please take my review seriously. It is what is is . Sometimes the the truth hurts's always the black peoples !!!!!"
  12. Shaun D.
    "She was very courteous and positive. "
  13. Lexine D.
    "Chaanah spent 12 hours with me taking out my dreadlocks! She is very kind, very professional and overall an awesome stylist. She is really knowledgable about different products for different hair types and easy to talk to. Thanks for all your help Chaanah!! "
  14. Tireka F.
    "Chaanah is such a great stylist ...felt so welcomed , like I knew her for years ,,,very professional, the private suites..great conversation ,,,very pleased with my services ( loc beginner here)..not to mention the fellowship ...will be returning..Thank God he sent me her way.. "
  15. Delila H.
    "Chaanah was an angel! She actually answered my phone call personally and spoke to me then guided me to her online booking. I called other salons and never got to talk to an actual person. She did a fabulous job with my daughter's hair and was very professional and sweet!!"
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Naturally Beautiful, LLC - Natural Hair Salon
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